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By Miles turns 3! Enter our birthday competition to win free miles credit.

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Ciara Knight

It’s our birthday and we’re feeling generous – by giving away some free miles credit.

By Miles has just turned three and now that we’ve had our fill of cake to fuel our excitement, we’re ready to give back.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of our thousands of UK drivers enjoying the freedom of pay-by-mile. So we’re celebrating by giving away a whole load of free miles credit to our members.

Sounds good? We thought you might agree. Let’s get you ready to enter.

What’s the competition about?

We’re bored of talking about ourselves. We’d much rather hear all about you. So with that in mind, we’ve launched a competition to celebrate 3 years of pay-by-mile policies. The aim is very simple. We’d like you to tell us all about why the By Miles policy works for you.

Maybe you’re a trapeze artist who only uses the car to get to and from practice, or a sausage roll analyst who drives around to different bakeries trying their offerings at the weekends. We’re looking to hear the best stories from our members so that we can get to know you a little better and most importantly, to celebrate our birthday in a way that rewards you. And there’s £50 in free miles credit up for grabs for the winners.

How do I enter?

We’ve made it pretty easy, since life’s too short to make competition-entering anything other than breezy.

Follow these 5 steps to be in with a chance of scoring some free miles credit on your policy:

  1. Record a video of yourself with the prompt ‘By Miles car insurance works for me because…’ and tell us all about your experience on your pay-by-mile policy.
  2. Watch it back and make sure that we can see and hear you clearly.
  3. Once you’re happy, upload it to your Instagram page (not Instagram Stories) using the hashtag #ByMilesStories.
  4. Be sure to follow and tag us @gobymiles (so we can contact you if you win).
  5. Sit back and wait (or enter again, if you fancy it).

Got any top tips to help boost my chances of winning?

Fine, since we’re feeling quite generous at the moment, we’ll give you a cheat sheet on how to have the best chance at nabbing a prize:

  • Make sure your face is fully in the frame (we recommend using your phone’s front-facing camera) and properly lit so that we can see you.
  • Make sure you’re not covering the microphone with your finger as you record – maybe do a trial run first.
  • Tell us about your personal experience. Say ‘I’ rather than ‘you’ and avoid general statements like ‘you will save loads of money’ (you can’t guarantee that for everyone). We want to hear about you!
  • If you’ve made a saving on our pay-by-mile policy (compared to the price of your previous policy or renewal quote) tell us what it is! Maybe you have plans to spend the savings on something – we’d love to hear about that too.
  • Don’t do anything dangerous – please don’t film while driving. Recording in the car is fine, but be sure to park up in a safe place first.
  • Shout out some of your favourite features that come with the policy – maybe a particular app feature or the mileage cap, we want to hear it all.
  • You might want to mention any other positive experiences you’ve had. Maybe you’ve found our customer service team helpful, or you just like the monthly newsletter emails. Anything positive, we want to hear it.
  • We’d recommend you don’t include any personally identifiable information in your video (other than your first name if you like). We just want to hear about your experience!
  • Be yourself! Resist the urge to tap into your inner newsreader. Be natural 🙂

What if I don’t use Instagram?

We can accept entries through email or on Twitter too. Just attach your video in an email to with the subject line ‘By Miles Stories’ and you’ll be entered into the draw. If you want to tweet us your video, make sure to add the #ByMilesStories hashtag and tag @bymiles in the tweet.


Got any examples?

Great question. The lovely Frank from our Customer Experience team has gone to the trouble of recording an example for us. Take a look:


What are the terms and conditions?

Excellent question. As with any competition, there’s a bit of small print to read so you can make sure everything is in order before you enter.

  • If you’re friends with or a family member of a By Miles employee, you can’t enter. Sorry, it just wouldn’t be fair.
  • If we contact you to say that you’ve won, we need you to respond (with your policy reference) within a week so that we can add your free miles credit to the account.
  • You must be a By Miles member to enter.
  • Free miles credit isn’t transferable or refundable.
  • By entering, you’re agreeing to the reuse of your video if you win. It may be used on By Miles social accounts or for advertising purposes.


The not-so-small print: 

This competition closes on 11th July 2021, and any entries uploaded or sent after this point will not be valid. The winners will be contacted by direct message on the platform they used to post their entry by 25th July 2021, in order to confirm their policy details, and must respond to claim their prize by 1st August 2021, otherwise new winners will be contacted.

To qualify for your prize, you must be a valid and active By Miles policyholder at the time of winning. There are 40 prizes of £50 free miles credit available to win. Free miles credit is not refundable or exchangeable into cash, and is subject to our standard Terms of Business.

Any video entries will be saved for review and judging. Winners will be selected by a judging panel based on a combination of elements including quality of lighting, framing and audio of the video, as well as the clarity with which they illustrate the benefits of pay-by-mile and how it works for them. By submitting or uploading your video response for the competition, you consent to us sharing/reposting it on our social media channels to publicise the competition, in line with our Terms of Business. In order to accept your prize, you will need to consent to us keeping a copy of your submission, using your first name, the video, sound of the video and/or still images from the video, in whole or in part, in any future advertising and marketing campaigns, in perpetuity.


Feeling left out of the party? Get a quote for pay-by-mile car insurance here to be involved in our next giveaway (only if you end up getting a policy, of course).