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Welcome to the By Miles referral programme

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By Miles - Work with us

11 reasons to work with By Miles

1) The UK’s only real time pay-by-mile policy – By Miles launched the UK’s first and only real-time pay-per-mile car insurance policy.

For an in-depth look at By Miles, including the pros and cons, please read our skeleton review.

2) Competitive car insurance pricing – Our pay-by-mile pricing is designed to be competitive for those who drive under 7,000 miles a year. According to the latest MoT data that applies to about 60% of UK drivers (or 19 million cars).

Once you take into account the ages we cover (17 to 80 year olds) as well as the cars and postcodes we cover we aim to be competitive for 35% of the market.

We don’t know of any other insurance providers that have priced their product to be as competitive for such a large portion of the market.

3) The Quick Quote Widget!

You can now add our Quick Quote to your sites and apps:

  • Simple tech / no complex integration – you can copy ‘n paste our Quick Quote on to your site or app
  • A handy tool for your users – they get a rough car insurance quote in only 4 questions
  • Far better conversion rates – only qualified traffic leaves your site / app i.e. users who like their estimated price click through to By Miles. This means far better conversion rates than an advert or text link

For more details and to test it – see how to use the Quick Quote Widget.

4) CPA – Earn up to £45 per referred policy.

We offer competitive and tiered commissions:

Referred policies
per year
CPA commission
per referred policy
100+ £45
50-99 £40
0 to 49 £35

Also see our FAQ on Referral Programme payment terms.

Fair payment tiers:

a) Payment tiers are set at reasonable levels e.g. to reach tier 2 you only need to refer 50 policies per year.

b) Dropping to a lower tier just because you’ve had one month of poor sales or a seasonal low is annoying. That’s why we do it differently. Once you’ve qualified for a higher payment tier, you’ll stay at that level for 12 months (that’s unless you qualify for the tier above that one, in which case you’d move up to that tier for the next 12 months).

5) Tracking and retargeting so partners still benefit

a) No retargeting shenanigans! When we retarget users referred to By Miles who haven’t bought a policy, our retargeting cookies don’t write over the Referral Programme cookies, so you’ll still get the credit you deserve.

i.e. we spend on retargeting in order to improve conversion rates and referrers still earn their commission.

b) No Google or Bing Ads shenanigans either! If you refer a person and they come back to us via paid search you’ll still benefit. The tracking we use on Google and Bing won’t overwrite the Referral Programme tracking cookies.

c) Improving cross-browser tracking. When a user gets a full quote it’s alright if they delay their buying decision. The referral tracking is saved with their car insurance quote, so that even if they complete that purchase via a different device, your Referral Programme tracking is still saved with it and you’ll still earn your commission.

d) No tracking loss via phone sales. Potential customers are welcome to call us for help but they can only buy online – this helps keep the tracking in place and no mistracked sales because a customer bought over the phone.

6) Referral programme stats

With a By Miles Referral Programme account you’ll get access to:

  • Number of referred sales by time period.
  • Internet data by time period e.g. clicks and impressions. This data is available within minutes.
  • Data by website/app. If you run multiple websites/apps, or even if you just want to track different links separately, it’s easy to add a reference to tracking links so you can get sales and click data on a site-by-site, app-by-app, or even link-by-link basis.

Broker and Affiliates Stats and Reporting

7) Awards, accolades and ratings:

8) Trust – By Miles is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

9) It’s quick to apply, set-up and get going

You can apply here. We also supply a range of content:

Also see – Who can promote By Miles?

10) Mobile friendly website and quotes has been designed to be quick and responsive so it works well on mobile phones and tablets.

We’ve spent a lot of time on the design of our quote pages so it’s still really easy for users to buy using a smartphone.

11) Low commission payment threshold of £150

If we owe you £150 or more then we’ll make a monthly payment. If we owe you less than that, any commissions due will simply be rolled over to the next month until you’re owed more than £150.

Important – Insurance is a regulated product. By Miles is authorised and regulated by the FCA – but you are not. You must follow our guidelines carefully to ensure you stay on the right side of the law.

Please ensure you follow the Referral Programme guidelines.

A simple request: no spam, fraud or illegal promotion

Car insurance is highly regulated. Neither the regulator nor By Miles will tolerate spam, fraud or any other such illegal activity.

Fraudulent referrers are normally very obvious and naturally we won’t make commission payments on any fraudulent transactions, sales driven by spam, sales driven by churning (buying policies just to generate commissions) etc.

Please ensure you adhere to the Referral Programme terms and conditions.

Thank you.

The By Miles Referral Programme Team


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