What have we learned from the recent storms?

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Ciara Knight

As the old saying goes – another bout of storms, another helpful magazine post from your car insurance provider.

With the latest news that another storm is on its way to batter the UK, we wanted to remind you of some safe driving practices during extreme weather.


We learned a lot from Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis, like how transporting confetti on a windy day is actually a very bad idea.

In terms of claims, we saw a few avoidable incidents, so we’d like share a few handy reminders. This next storm looks set to be a slightly colder pest, meaning the added danger of snow and ice could prove nightmarish for us all.

Based on real claims we’ve seen in the last few weeks, here’s our essential advice for the upcoming storm:


  • Be mindful of driving during high winds, as there’s always a risk of falling or fallen tree branches.
  • Park on higher ground if you’re in an area that’s prone to flooding.
  • Lightly tap your brakes after going through water (that will dry them off and allow you to test if they’re working correctly).
  • Expect the unexpected on the roads – like that car in front skidding after a sudden patch of water (because they forgot to tap their brakes lightly!)
  • Keep both hands on the steering wheel to cope with unexpected gusts of wind.
  • Beware of patches of black ice.
  • Allow extra time for your journey.


  • Drive through flooded areas. It’s a thrill, but not worth the risk – we’ve had calls from members stuck in the middle of a puddle after their engine has cut out suddenly.
  • Park near trees. They’re not to be trusted during storms.
  • Drive through heavily-wooded areas – falling branches can hit your car.

As always, if you can avoid traveling during extreme weather, you should. The hassle of a car insurance claim far outweighs the hassle of skipping an avoidable journey, trust us.

However you choose to brave these storms, be safe out there.


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