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Driving home for Christmas?

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Whether you’re driving home for Christmas or not, our pay-by-mile policies could help you out. Here’s a few reasons why pay-by-mile car insurance might be the way forward this festive season.

Let’s use Santa Claus as an example. We’ve done the maths (well, someone else has). He travels over 212 million miles on the 24th December each year, but for the other 364 days a year Santa keeps his sleigh parked up in the North Pole.

If he were on our cheapest policy pricing with a fixed annual cost of £150 per year and a per-mile rate of 3p (he’s got a great no claims discount), his annual premium should come out at over £6 million. There’s a little trick up the sleeve of our policies though: the cost for your daily miles are always capped at 150 miles a day. That means his total annual premium would actually end up as £154.50.

That’s a saving of around 6 million quid, not bad right? Certainly enough for a few more toy factories. Santa’s technically a delivery driver so we can’t cover him for business use, but he could benefit from our fully comp EU cover. He’d just need to find additional insurance for the rest of the world.

Not everyone can break the laws of physics like Santa can, though. His sleigh travels faster than the speed of light, so we should probably look at a more relatable example.

How about Chris Rea’s drive home for Christmas? We make it a 251 mile drive from London to Middlesbrough (the exact drive he wrote the song about), which means he’d get 101 miles for free. Call it an early prezzie, entirely on us. Merry Christmas indeed, Chris.

If you do happen to be driving quite a distance this Christmas, road safety expert Dave Harford has already pulled together some top driving tips for winter driving.

And remember: if you do have a winter prang, every By Miles policy comes with guaranteed No Claims Discount as standard. That means even if you have to make a claim, your NCD won’t go down.

From all the team at By Miles, we’d love to wish you the best festive season and a Happy New Year.

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