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We all like good conversion rates and it’s annoying when you send traffic to your partners and get little in return. We’ve got a simple solution…

The new By Miles Quick Quote Widget

How Does it Work?

  • Just copy ‘n paste our Quick Quote on to your site or app
  • The Quick Quote lets your users get an estimated price for pay-by-mile car insurance in 5 questions
  • If a user likes their Quick Quote, then they can click through to, fill in a full quote and buy
  • If a user doesn’t like the price of their Quick Quote – no worries – then they haven’t left your site/app. They can continue to purchase the other products/services you offer

Why Does it Work for Partners?

  • We’ll pay you for every new policy you refer
  • Only qualified traffic leaves your site i.e. users who like their estimated price. Therefore you get a far better conversion rate than an advert or text link
  • It’s a simple and useful tool for your users – they get a rough car insurance quote in only 5 questions
  • Assuming you’ve got a relatively normal audience then a good portion of them will be able to make a saving
  • For a limited time in 2022 – we might be able to give some widget users a better price or credit
  • No nasty dev work – it’s a simple piece of code and easy to add e.g.

Car Insurance Quick Quote Widget Example Code

The Quick Quote Widget

Enter your car reg e.g. PJ09LPE and try it:

How to Add the Widget?

  • You can now get the widget and put it on your website (iFrame) and app (WebView).
  • There is a different piece of code for iFrames and WebView.
  • Just tell us which version you need.
  • We’ll send you the code that includes your tracking.

What does it look like on a mobile?

Take a look for yourself – open this link in your phone

What does the Quick Quote actually do?

It does a couple of handy checks using the car reg:

  • Gets the basic details of the car
  • Looks up the last 2 MOTs to estimate the user’s mileage (they can easily change their mileage if they want)
  • Checks that the car is compatible with our Miles Tracker

The Quick Quote is designed to give a rough price in just 5 questions and so we have to make a few assumptions.

  • The policy will start in one week’s time,
  • The car is parked at home overnight,
  • There are no modifications to the car, and
  • The policyholder:
    • has a full UK driving licence
    • has held a licence for a certain amount of time proportional to their age,
    • is the registered owner and keeper of the car,
    • has never been declined for car insurance, and
    • hasn’t had any claims or driving convictions

Prices can change… – the quick quote price we show may go up or down once the user has provided us with the rest of their details on the By Miles website e.g. if they add a speeding ticket then the price will go up.

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