Tips for driving in hot weather. 

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Will Kerr

This summer is already a scorcher. And while a little sun is cool (figuratively at least) having a breakdown is even worse in sweltering temperatures. So, here are our tips for making sure you and your car are fully prepped for driving in hot weather. 

Hydrate your car.

You’re a grown up. (And if you’re not, why are you reading this? Go play!). As that’s the case, we won’t bother reminding you that your body needs water and that it’s a good idea to have a bottle on hand in hot weather. 

However, it’s easy to forget that your car also needs fluids to prevent it from overheating. If your coolant runs low, you could be in trouble.

This is especially true at low speeds, when most overheating issues happen. So if you’re likely to be in slow moving traffic (heading to the beach or some other popular spot) that’s all the more reason to check your levels before you go . 

Keep an eye on your tyre pressure.

Tyre pressure in hot weather
Don’t overdo it when adding air to your tyres.

Properly inflated tyres handle better and are more fuel efficient too. But you can have too much of a good thing. You need to be careful about over-inflating tyres over the manufacturer’s specified PSI (which you’ll find in the owner’s manual or, more handily, on the inside of the fuel tank cover). If you do, you up your risk of a blowout. 

And what’s this got to do with hot weather? 

Well, gases expand when hot – and that includes the air in your tyres. So your tyre pressure will be higher than usual when it’s baking hot on the roads.

In hot weather, fill up before it’s too late. 

Fill up on fuel
E is for ‘Eeekkk!! How did we let this happen!”

Running out of fuel isn’t just going to result in a breakdown call out. You could also get points and a fine for blocking the roads

To avoid that double whammy, make a point of getting to a petrol station before your gauge is too far into the low zone. In hot weather, you’ll probably have either the AC on, or the windows open. Either way, the engine will work harder than usual – and you’ll go through your fuel quicker. 

Don’t go too dark with your shades.

Obviously, you want to protect your eyes. And it goes without saying that you want to look amazing. So a pair of sunglasses are a must have for the Summer. But if you’re driving, you need to be careful. 

Category 3 lenses or darker are considered unsafe for driving. If you’re in an accident and impaired vision is a factor, you could be in a bit of trouble. 

Don’t get burned on your car insurance. 

If you’re not a high mileage driver, using your car should cost less. That’s why we created our pioneering pay-by-mile car insurance. If you’re one of the millions of people who are driving less these days, be sure to get a quote.