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We love our members. And we especially love saving them money. So it’s no wonder we’d like to take a moment to shout out Matt. He reckons going with pay-by-mile car insurance from By Miles is saving him a cool £700

(Yep, that’s two zeros. As in: seven h-u-n-d-r-e-d pounds. Like £100, but 7 times more.) 

Let’s find out how. 

A classic lower-mileage driver.

“I don’t use the car all that much. Most of the time I cycle or use my motorbike, as they’re lower-emission options. If I’m taking the dogs out somewhere for a walk or visiting family I use the car, but that’s about it. 

“Unfortunately, even though I don’t drive very much, at renewal my quote from Hastings jumped up to £90 a month. Unsurprisingly, I wanted to switch.”

Matt thinks By Miles will save him around £700.

Looking for a better deal.

“I was comparing prices online and found By Miles to be the cheapest quote for my estimated mileage by a long way. The thing is, my quote was for 5,000 miles and it’s looking like I’m going to drive somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000. 

“As you pay based on what you actually drive, that means I’ll save even more than I thought – around £700!

“I used to just depend on my motorcycle, so I’ve not been driving the longest time. Obviously, that’s something that plays against you when it comes to insurance. It’s great to see a company that actually recognise that. I love the affordability and fairness.” 

Saving made simple.

“I find the app really easy to use. It’s great to be able to see the cost of each journey – it’s actually really useful for expensing my travel for work. I’d highly recommend it.  


“I don’t think it changes the way I drive as I’m already a low-mileage driver, but being able to see the cost of a journey before you make it is a good feature – especially if I know I could cycle instead. I like to be environmentally-minded, so I love that this policy is in keeping with that.

“I always thought of myself as someone who doesn’t use the car much, but being able to see a really detailed breakdown of my mileage, it’s been a nice surprise to realise how little I do drive.

“Fuel is expensive, so having that extra motivation to save is helpful.”

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