The UK’s new driving rules and regulations for 2024. 

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What’s new on the UK’s roads in 2024 in terms of driving rules and regulations?

Unlike many other questions you may be asking in January (will that new gym membership get used, or remain as dormant as an especially boring volcano?) this is one we can help you out with.  

Let’s dive in.

Electric cars will become even more common. 

UK manufacturer's will need to ensure 22% of new cars are electric in 2024.
Almost a quarter of new cars from UK manufacturers will have to electric to comply with new rules for 2024.

In 2023 the Government scrapped its target of ending the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 – moving the deadline back to 2035. 

However, there are measures in place in the meantime that mean manufacturers will be pushing toward an all electric future. In 2024, they’ll need to make sure at least 22% of the cars they produce are zero emissions – or face large fines. By 2030, that figure will be up to 80%. 

2024 Vehicle Excise Duty Tax increases. 

In April, the rate of VED (Vehicle Excise Duty) will go up. Rates will increase in line with inflation across the board. So, as always, those with more polluting models will be paying more, while those with no-emissions vehicles will avoid paying altogether. 

That makes some sense. But would a usage based system be fairer? We reckon so. (That’s probably not a surprise given our award-winning, pay-by-mile approach to car insurance). 

New Low Emission Zones.

At least 3 new Low Emissions Zones are set to start operating in British cities in 2024. Dundee’s will see enforcement starting from the end of May, with Edinburgh and Aberdeen following at the start of June. 

While we’re here, if you’re worried about forgetting to pay for toll areas, remember to make sure you’re using the By Miles app. It’ll give you reminders for a bunch of charges – including ULEZ and lots of other Clean Air Zones.  

International Driving Permits. 

Unless, there’s a change to current agreements with the DVLA, from April 2024, you’ll no longer be able to buy International Driving Permits from the Post Office. 

(Driving in Europe this year? Check out our guide).

Licences for residents of Portugal. 

Portugal driving rules changes in 2024.
Not all British residents will be able to use their UK licenses in Portugal after rules changes in 2024.

Before the new driving rules and regulations for 2024, Brits living in Portugal were allowed to drive on their UK licence. Now, that will only be the case if: 

  • The driver is under 60. 
  • They renewed their licence in the last 15 years. 
  • They drive a category A or B vehicle. 
  • They aren’t disqualified from driving (kind of an obvious one, that).

E-scooter trials continue. 

E-scooter trials that have been running in areas all over the country since 2020 will continue until May 2024. It’s the 4th time the trial has been extended. The idea is to give councils more time to look at the impact it’s had – in terms of convenience and lower emissions, as well an any down sides.