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Launching our private beta.

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We're excited to be launching our pay-per-mile car insurance later this year. In the meantime, we're giving 100 people from our waiting list the chance to try us out early, for free!

You'll need a full car insurance policy in place with another provider while taking part. But to thank-you for your feedback, we're offering the opportunity to save some money.

Install app & tracker

Download our mobile app and plug our Miles Tracker into your car in a matter of moments.

Hit the road

Drive your car normally for three months and get real-time journey and cost information in our app.

Save money

We'll tot up what you would have paid with us each month. If it's cheaper than your current insurance, we'll pay you the difference!

To be clear, taking part in this trial won't replace your current car insurance. You'll still need a full car insurance policy in place during the trial. We'll calculate what you would have paid with Just Miles – and if it's cheaper than your current car insurance over the trial period, we'll pay you the difference.

We're running the trial for three months from the beginning of May 2017 through to the end of July 2017.

You'll not only get the chance to try us out (and pay the same for your insurance as you would with us!), but you'll also be helping us shape the future of our product. We can't wait to hear what you think.

If you wish to join the beta then please sign up to our waiting list, and we will be in touch.

By Miles lessons

Our beta test has now ended, see what we found out: 5 things we learned from our pay-per-mile trial (and an infographic).