5 things we learned from our pay-per-mile trial (and an infographic).

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Over the last three months, more than 100 UK drivers took the By Miles pay-per-mile policy and smartphone app for a test drive. Read on to find out what we learned.

The beautiful thing about having drivers on the road testing our technology is that we’ve been able to perfect the way our policies work, while customer feedback has been absolutely invaluable for improving our driving app. At the same time, our trial drivers were able to start taking more control over the cost of their car insurance as well as looking after the health of their vehicles.

Click here to see the full car insurance infographic and find out what happened during three months on the road, and read on for the five insights we found most interesting:

1. Lower mileage, lower risk?

More than half of our trial drivers had over 5 years no claims bonus, and there was only one “at fault” claim (for a chipped windscreen) made during our trial. We also discovered that higher mileage drivers were more likely to drive faster, seeing a 60% correlation between max recorded speed and miles driven.

2. We attracted weekend warriors

Saturday was the most popular for driving, with 39% of journeys being made at the weekend. Friday was the most popular weekday for driving, followed closely by Monday.

3. Our drivers took smaller trips

Over two thirds of the journeys driven during our trial were 5 miles or fewer, with almost one fifth being 1 mile or shorter. Only 11.3% of journeys were over 15 miles.

4. Appealing to all ages

Despite the fact that telematics insurance is often associated with younger motorists, the average age of drivers on our trial was 37 years old, with customers ranging from 18 up to 88 years old.

5. The UK loves a roundabout

More than half of the journeys driven during the trial crossed at least one roundabout, so it’s no wonder the UK is home to a roundabout appreciation society. Roundabouts are widely considered to be one of the most dangerous junctions for motorists, with 14,324 road accidents being recorded on UK roundabouts in 2015.

5 things not enough for you? Here are some more highlights from the trial:

By Miles Beta Trial Infographic

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