Celebrating Neurodiversity Week.

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Asha Singh

It’s neurodiversity week. I’m autistic every day, so are loads of people you know. Maybe you are too.

Some are masking as neurotypical because they are able to, but at great cost to their health.

Some are not able to mask because the world as it is creates such an intense and chaotic experience that it is literally not possible.

Neurotypical is not a brain type or a mind state, it’s an imagined ideal way of performing that we are all forced to try to conform to, with varying degrees of success and harm to ourselves.

Autism is not a disease or illness and it cannot be cured. It is a naturally occurring evolutionary development that adds value to the collective.

1. Stop reading things written by non-autistics about autistics.

2. Start trying to understand the neurodiversity movement and why the rejection of the pathology is the route to freedom for all of us.

3. Read Dr Nick Walker’s Neuroqueer Heresies.

Sincerely, me and my face.

The face in question.