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By Miles Connect platform officially launches.

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James Blackham

Today marks a really important day for us, and for the future of driving. 

We’re proud to announce the launch of our new By Miles Connect platform, allowing connection to 10 brands of car, in partnership with major car manufacturers Mercedes-Benz and Ford – with many more brands to come. 

Cars are getting smarter, but traditional insurance is slow to adapt. With the recent announcement from Mercedes-Benz that liability will be accepted by the manufacturer when auto-pilot is engaged, it’s clear that we need car insurance fit for the future of our roads. 

The By Miles Connect platform enables smarter driving in a world where responsibility is split between the driver and car, by automatically charging customers only for the actual driving risk taken. 

Traditional insurance won’t be able to cope with the fluidity of this process. By charging an annual premium without any real-time data from the car, there’s no way that conventional policies could respond to someone taking their hands off the wheel and letting the car drive itself on a section of road.

When we launched the world’s first connected pay-by-mile insurance policy in 2019, we pushed the boundaries of what was possible – and now we’re in a position to take our plans for connected car insurance mainstream.

The new platform, By Miles Connect, will allow drivers of connected cars (internet connected vehicles with in-built ability to communicate with systems outside the car) to connect their pay-by-mile insurance policy to us directly from their car – without any extra hardware.

Drivers of one of our launch brands will be able to benefit from seamless insurance coverage and personalised pricing based on their mileage. 

We’ll take information directly from the vehicle, via the cloud, and use information about the distance driven (but not the way the car is driven) to price insurance. Recent analysis has found that drivers who cover under 7,000 miles per year could save an average of £303.64 by insuring their car with us.

Nearly nine in 10 (85%) vehicles registered this year have connected capability and this is expected to cover every new car on UK roads by 2026. This means that, despite the global slowdown in production of vehicles, nearly 500,000 connected cars still entered the UK’s roads for the first time in Q3 2021. 

We’re trying to make life easier and fairer for lower mileage drivers, and the By Miles Connect platform allows us to provide our award winning usage-based insurance, without the need for any other hardware. As cars continue to get safer and more connected, we plan to offer exclusive features and usage-based insurance discounts for owners of these smarter vehicles.