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Want to join us on the journey as we grow?
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Want to join us on the journey as we grow?
If you think we'd be a good match, we'd love to hear from you.
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Who are we?

At By Miles, we want to make owning a car easier for everyone. It just so happens that we’re starting off by making it better for lower mileage drivers.

Car insurance doesn’t have the best reputation. It’s dull, unfair and expensive, and there’s a lot of unnecessary paperwork to fill in. Looking around, the industry tends to be run by old men in suits.

We’re changing that. We launched the UK’s first real-time pay-by-mile car insurance policies in 2018, along with a smart driving app, because owning a car should set you free, not tie you down.

It’s probably this attitude that meant we were voted the best car insurance provider in the UK within our first year.

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What we believe in.
These are the things that really matter to us. We call them ‘virtues’ rather than ‘values’ because they’re not just aspirational words, but things we already do and have committed to keep doing. We decided on these virtues as a whole company, so there’s no corporate waffle, just a basic set of shared beliefs that guide us in everything we do.
We challenge with kindness, making sure everyone feels safe and included. We support each other.
We take time to learn so that we can improve ourselves, our colleagues and our products. We’re not afraid to make mistakes if it gives us the opportunity to grow.
We’re clear in our vision. We’re happy to challenge the status quo if it will help us make things better.
We own up, we don’t blame. We’re humble enough to take feedback on board, and respectful enough to give it. The next big idea could come from anywhere, so everyone’s opinion matters.
We consider before we start, whether that’s interrogating details to save confusion down the line, or getting help from others. We make decisions using data, not opinions, and we use our time wisely, always staying focused on the end goal.
Perks of the job.
Here’s the important bit. Every good job should come with good benefits, and we take ours very seriously. Whether you’re into training courses, holidays, cycling to work, professional coaching or buying a heap of books you hope to read (that may end up gathering dust for a while), we’ve got you covered. And we’re open to suggestions. If it matters to you, it matters to us.
26 days holiday + bank holidays.
Mental health days.
Genderless parental leave based on primary and secondary care-giving.
Monthly one-to-one coaching sessions.
Personal learning and development budget (£500 a year).
10% time for technical side projects.
Book budget.
Regular social events.
Great office environment in Hammersmith.
Cycle to work scheme.
Great transport links & commuting options.
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Life at By Miles.
We’re proud of the work we do here. We’re also lucky enough to be surrounded by people we actually like spending the day with. We don’t always talk about car insurance, believe us. Being based in the city, you’ll be lucky to find someone in the office that actually owns a car (let alone a driving licence).
We hold regular social events, and on Fridays, we like to unwind with a drink and a weekend-welcoming playlist to get us in the mood. It’s the kind of office where you’re never far from a coffee machine expert if you need one, and there’s always someone with a recommendation for a new lunch spot to try out.
Got other interests outside work? Us too. Brains need a break sometimes, so when we’re in the office, we always welcome a quick table tennis showdown. Things like our flexible remote working policy, quiet spaces in the office and mental health days make it easy for us to take a breather from the desk if we need it.
Belonging at By Miles.

Car insurance is bought by everyone, so our members come from all over the country, aged from 21 through to 80. We know we can only keep doing our best work with a diverse team that reflects that.

To achieve our mission of bringing fairer car insurance to everyone, we need to actually cater for everyone, which we can’t successfully do unless our team represents every person.

It’s important that our office is a welcoming and comfortable space for everyone, and that every voice feels heard and valued. We don’t just say we’re inclusive and diverse, we actively put it into practice. It’s an ongoing commitment that we’re always looking into maintaining and improving.

Come and work with us.
Want to join us on the journey as we grow? Take a look at the job opportunities we've got at the moment, and if you think we'd be a good match, we'd love to hear from you.
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A fairer kind of car insurance.