Meet the member: Sergio

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Will Kerr

Welcome back to ‘Meet the member’, the series where we talk to the people using By Miles to make their driving more affordable. Today, we’re chatting to Sergio. 

The quest for a better deal…

Shopping around is a hassle. But all too often, when it comes to car insurance, staying put won’t get you the best deal. We’re not talking about the fact that traditional insurers don’t usually reward lower mileage drivers (although they don’t). We’re talking about price walking

“Before By Miles I was with a few different insurers. The cost kept going up every year, which was ridiculous because there were no issues with the car and I had made no claims. I would move to a new policy, but after a couple of years the same thing always happened.

“I found By Miles using a comparison site. I thought ‘Wow! This is different. This is actually going to reward me for the mileage that I do.”

A good saving gets even better.

Sergio went with our By Miles Money Back option. With this payment type, you pay for the miles you think you’ll need at the start of the year. Then, as the name suggests, at the end of the policy we refund you for each and every mile you’ve purchased but not used. 

Low mileage car insurance
The lower the number on here, the less you pay.

“I used to drive a lot for work, but at the moment I only use the car to pick my wife up from the station and for the weekly shop. 

“If I was to drive the full estimated mileage I paid for at the start of the policy (5,000 miles), I’d already be saving around £200 compared to my last insurance. But I’m doing so little driving, I think I’ll only drive about half of that.

“At the end of the policy, I’ll get refunded for my unused miles so I’ll save something like £400.”

“I haven’t even tried to drive less, to be honest. I have a hybrid car and I want to help the environment, but I still do whatever miles I need to do – so it hasn’t changed anything in that way.”

There’s more to value than just price.

Being £400 better off would make anyone happy. But that’s not the only thing Sergio’s found to smile about since joining By Miles.

“I’ve loved the great levels of communication and understanding. When I first stated the policy, my car was in the garage for a month – so I couldn’t put in the Miles Tracker and set it up. The team were able to make allowances for that, and I was just grateful that they understood my situation. I spoke to quite a few different people during that period and experienced the same level of quality from all of them. 

“Overall, it’s an amazing service and an amazing concept!”

Sergio had nothing but good things to say about our Customer Experience team.

If only everything we’re a bit more like By Miles.

For a longtime we’ve been arguing that car Vehicle Excise Duty (often referred to as car tax) should change to become usage based. Given that our members tend to be lower mileage drivers looking to avoid getting ripped off, it’s not surprising they tend to agree. 

“I like the idea. It would be nice if car tax worked the same way as By Miles. As I don’t do many miles, it would benefit me. Instead of just paying a flat amount, it’d be nice to get something back.”

If, like Sergio, you’d like to be rewarded for the way you use your car, it’s time to see if pay-by-mile car insurance could work for you. Be sure to grab a quote.