Meet the member: Ricky

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Will Kerr

We’ve been chatting with another one of our magnificent members. This time it’s Ricky from Essex. Take it away…

On the look out for a better price.

“I came across By Miles online after my quote went up with my previous insurer. I always do a comparison, because it feels like it goes up every year. You came up cheapest. Pay-by-mile was new to me, but I thought I’d try it because it was going to work out cheaper. I cycle to and from work, and I generally do a very low mileage anyway – so it makes sense.”

Ricky enjoys the rewards of his low mileage.

Benefitting from falling mileage.

“When I got my policy, I estimated I’d do 2,000 miles. I think, I’ll actually do less than that. I can see in the By Miles app how much each journey costs, and that’s been quite good as a bit of extra encouragement not to use the car when I don’t need to – which is great if you’re eco-conscious, which I am to a certain extent.

“I hate roadworks and traffic, I have to drive round London a lot – the last thing I want to do is drive anymore than I have to. I don’t really make long car journeys. It tends to be local trips – to the supermarket and things like that.

Driving in London
An example of why you won’t catch Ricky driving through London for fun.

“It’s nice knowing I’ll get my unused miles refunded. It definitely made me more aware of journeys where I could just walk it in 5 minutes. It’s good for the environment and I know I’m saving myself a bit of money.

“The cost of driving is insane – with petrol prices being high. It feels like it makes sense to cut back on things. That’s what’s good about By Miles, you save a bit more if you make less frivolous journeys.”

More than just cover.

“It’s great, it’s so easy to manage. I like the added peace of mind I get from app features. I can use it to run diagnostic tests on the car, which is a nice bonus. Overall, the app’s very user friendly and it just gives that extra bit of encouragement not to use the car when I don’t need to.

“I think it’d be good if road tax worked the same way. As someone who doesn’t use the car much, I’d benefit from pay-by-mile car tax – and it’d be fairer than paying the same as someone who drives a lot more.”