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How do you know how many miles you drive?

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Callum Rimmer

An insurer told us this week that only 20% of their customers accurately guessed how many miles they drove! With stats like that, it’s not a surprise that insurers don’t properly take into account your mileage when coming up with a quote.

So how do we know how many miles you’ve driven?

The secret is, every-time your car has an MOT, the number of miles is recorded, and made publicly available in a database owned by the DVLA. We built some clever technology that for a given number plate, pulls out that MOT history.

Then we remove any bad data (sometime the mileage recorded goes down rather than up!) and use some maths to work out an estimate for how many miles you are driving each year since you bought the car.

We’re trying to make car insurance better. Take a look and see what you think – and find out how many miles you drive!

How Many Miles Do You Drive?